Frequently Asked Questions


Is your service meant for prototyping, or for manufacturing?
Both! Our tooling technology allows us to rapidly produce high-quality parts, and as soon as you’re ready, we can immediately put a production program in place and scale up the volume. You can easily test a few parts from several designs and then order large numbers of whatever design you choose.

How does Edge actually make parts—molding? Embossing? 3D printing?
We use thermal compression molding (also called thermocompression molding). Please see our process diagram for more information on how our technology works. By performing a full melt on material that starts inside the cavity, we get excellent feature reproduction without flow lines, filling issues, optical defects, and residual stresses caused by other processes.

Do you offer lidding and bonding services?
Yes! We provide both PSA lamination and thermal diffusion bonding.

Do you offer design or CAD services?
Yes, we can help with your CAD generation and design efforts if needed.

Can you manufacture parts under a quality system?
Yes, Edge maintains all requirements around facility, equipment, inventory, and documentation to implement a quality management system (QMS) for any program where needed.

What is Edge’s ISO certification status?
Currently we run ISO compliant processes in controlled areas of our manufacturing facility, and we anticipate achieving ISO13485 certification in the coming months. Please refer to our facilities section for more information.

Can my company execute a Supply Agreement or Master Services Agreement with Edge?
Yes, we routinely execute such agreements when entering formal product development and/or manufacturing with our customers.

Will Edge execute an NDA with my company?
It’s standard for Edge to execute an NDA with all customers. Even in the absence of an NDA, we keep all customer information confidential at all times, during and after programs.

How can I get fluids in and out of the finished devices?
We have a selection of standard connector ports, as well as the option to customize them to work with your inputs.

Can you ensure that the plastic disposable will interface correctly with my existing hardware?
Yes, we can apply gaskets, friction-fit ports, and numerous other types of connector to the parts, and test to ensure that they interface appropriately with your hardware.

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