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Material Recommendations

The right material is the foundation of successful plastic consumables manufacturing for the Diagnostic, Medical Device & Optics industries.

Edge’s team of experienced material scientists can help customers meet regulatory requirements and technical specifications.

Edge works with a variety of specialty materials:


Example Materials List
Material Flexural modulus (MPa) Elongation at break (%) Visible transmission Near-UV transmission Auto-fluorescence Non-specific binding Chemical resistance Water contact angle
Polypropylene 1500 150% Poor Poor Low Low Excellent 102°
Polycarbonate 2300 120% Good Poor Moderate High Fair 82°
PMMA 3000 4% Excellent Good Low Moderate Poor 70°
Polystyrene 2500 2% Good Poor High High Poor 87°
COP (e.g., Zeonor 1420R) 2400 60% Excellent Excellent Lowest Low Excellent 92°
COC 2900 3% Excellent Excellent Low Low Excellent 91°

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