Program Management

The Edge team values our customer relationships and dedicates our efforts to produce best-in-class products to meet regulatory and technical requirements.

We back our promises with practicalities:

  • All projects start with a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) and a Phase 0 project to gather all relevant design files, requirements, and manufacturing specifications
  • All designs done and/or technologies developed on behalf of our customers are their sole property — Edge holds no vested interest

Full-service Manufacturing

Comprehensive services and end-to-end solutions for all of your product needs, requirements, and specifications — from design review to packaging and labeling.


High-volume Production

From tens, tens of thousands, or millions of units, Edge provides a robust supply chain of components to meet production requirements, ensure on-time delivery, and maintain consistent product quality.

Fastest Time to First Parts

We remain flexible in order to quickly iterate designs, efficiently provide quality products, and offer the fastest project timeline to production.


Robust QMS and Supply Chain

Edge is committed to complying with ISO 13485 to ensure proper application of diagnostic and medical consumables manufacturing guidelines.

Connect with Edge

Please contact us and we will respond within one business day.