Precision Molding

Edge provides advanced components that enable customer technology through superior optical properties and combined micro and macro features.

Thermal Compression Molding

Edge utilizes our proprietary tooling technology to provide several technical benefits that can’t be achieved in plastic parts with other processes:

  • Low birefringence, low background fluorescence, and optical surface finish
  • Microfeature geometry tolerances held to hundreds of nanometers 
  • Design flexibility to achieve highly variable wall thickness and other features without defects common in injection molding
  • Fastest time to product quality parts; our process and materials are the same regardless of volume
  • No cavity-to-cavity variation

No common molding limitations

  • No ejector pin marks
  • No gate vestiges
  • No knit lines
  • No flash
  • No draft
  • No residual stress

Supply assurance

Our molding technology ensures that there will never be an interruption in the supply of parts.

Product-quality parts from the start

From feasibility samples through high volume production, our process and materials remain the same. This ensures equivalent product performance with every part we manufacture.


No cavity-to-cavity variation

Our technology creates exact copies from cavity-to-cavity from tool-to-tool. Tolerances are measured on a micron or sub-micron scale.

Connect with Edge

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