Ultra-fast, high-quality prototyping for microfeatured plastic parts

Iterate your designs in as little as three weeks. We will
take months off your prototyping process to
allow you to be first-to-market with your product.

Best-in-class quality with no design compromises

Significantly reduce risk and time-to-market with
our rapid prototyping and iterating service.

How we work with you

The Edge advantage

Rapid design iteration and validation

Go from design to parts
in as little as 3 weeks

Many materials available
including COC, COP, P
MMA, PC, and more

Test multiple designs
in the same iteration

No minimum order

No setup fees

Order more parts of any
design as needed

Any design can be
scaled to large-volume

Ready to bring your products to market?

We manufacture full devices with micro- and macro-
features, through-holes, lidding, bonding,
packaging, barcoding, and traceability.
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